Pakistan Methodist Church awaiting donors for Reconstruction

Pakistan Methodist Church – Ladhekey Neewain, Raiwind Road, Lahore needs rebuilding and permanent treatment caused by sunken foundation. The surrounding area is a large land bought by Bahria Town Society for future project and rainwater has transformed water seepage through soil to the Church Building’s Foundation.

The Church is located in a village Ladhekey Neewain, 45km away from Lahore City, The Villagers are mostly labourers and farmers with below average income in the third world. The Village and Methodist Church Mission shares a 70 years of relationship. The foundation of Church was laid before the partition of Pakistan and India but the village being in a rural area never got much attention. 

The Management Committee had to shut down the Church building for being unsafe. The management Committee does not have funds to Rebuild the Church and this Church is the only Church for the entire village. We are requesting all the people and organizations to extend their gratitude by donating for the Church Rebuilding project. Lets join hands and make the House of God for the poor people of Ladhekey Neewian Village.


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